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A Conscious Meditation and Dialog with the Mind — Ananda

Mental individuals love the mechanism of the mind –

Pricey Mind, you’re so great. You let me assume in one million methods…

The mind is clearly very proud and blissful about these phrases. Then again, those that meditate most likely have a distinct dialog:

Mr. Mind, you’re merely an enormous impediment. Your stressed thoughts is a continuing nuisance in my meditations. All I wish to do is swap you off and depart behind your countless pondering so I can really feel God within the interior silence.

There could also be some offense taken by the mind to those phrases because the dialog continues:

Pricey Mind, you could assume you’re clever however truly, you’re unable to understand any delicate reality. Bear in mind, Sri Yukteswar within the Autobiography of a Yogi completely humbled you by saying, ‘When your conviction of a reality will not be merely in your mind however in your being, you could diffidently vouch for its which means.’ So, your logical pondering, my expensive mind, is (spiritually talking) utterly ignorant and unable to grasp even minimally the Heavenly Realms.

We might additionally throw in a yogic platitude on prime of that: Brainlessness is soulfulness.

The meditator’s mind may develop an inferiority advanced and be profoundly insecure. It could additionally really feel unloved, unappreciated, and undesirable and assume:

For the meditators, I’m nothing however a black sheep, a foul boy, a nasty block of their meditations.

Oh, that is so unhappy. Look how dejected the mind feels!

At this very second, Angel Veritas (The Angel of Fact) seems on the scene to defend the crestfallen mind. The angel comes bearing excellent news for all meditators. He says that the mind, along with the backbone, is in fact an instrument of God-perception!

Sri Yukteswar within the Autobiography of a Yogi factors out that the supreme significance of the mind AND backbone, particularly for meditators is that this: 

Man’s physique is valuable. It has the best evolutionary worth due to distinctive mind and spinal facilities. These allow the superior devotee to completely grasp and specific the loftiest elements of divinity. No decrease type is so outfitted.

His phrases slowly sink in and we begin to perceive:

It’s my delicate delicate mind and chakras that may in the end make me understand the Divine Glory. If I didn’t have them, any God-perception could be nullified.

Swami Sri Yukteswar explains additional:

The human physique was due to this fact, not solely a results of evolution from beasts however was produced by an act of particular creation by God. The animal types have been too crude to precise full divinity; the human being was uniquely given an incredible psychological capability—the ‘thousand-petaled lotus’ of the mind—in addition to acutely woke up occult facilities [chakras] within the backbone.

Angel Veritas provides this:

In fact, Sri Yukteswar is speaking concerning the astral (not bodily) mind, the sahasrara chakra, and the astral plexuses. However, don’t these phrases make it easier to to take a look at the poor dejected mind with some newly discovered love and respect?

There may be one other passage from the Autobiography of a Yogi which will come to thoughts that explains how Kriya Yoga mightily and particularly evolves the mind. Finally, we should conclude that it’s the mind that lastly allows us to precise cosmic consciousness. Right here is that passage:

The traditional rishis found that man’s earthly and heavenly setting, in twelve-year cycles, push him ahead on his pure path. The scriptures aver that man requires one million years of regular, diseaseless evolution to excellent his human mind sufficiently to precise cosmic consciousness… It wants twelve years of regular healthful residing to impact even slight perceptible change in mind construction, and one million photo voltaic returns are exacted to sufficiently refine the cerebral tenement for manifestation of cosmic consciousness.

Angel Veritas triumphantly concludes:

You see, it’s your mind that requires evolution for those who actually wish to expertise and specific cosmic consciousness. Your mind by pure strategies, develops progressively and slowly 12 months after 12 months. 1,000,000 years of pure evolution are wanted for this exceedingly sluggish evolution.

Nonetheless (and lucky for us) there’s a quicker manner. Learn Yogananda’s Praecepta Classes (1938), the place he expands on the subject:

 The traditional rishis… found that to impact a change within the mind by way of refinement of the bodily mind cells is a sluggish course of, however that the impact on man of brain-changes is speedy. They concentrated due to this fact on creating a technique of hastening the evolution of the mind.

The spinal facilities or chakras

The rishis discovered that what’s completed by outer influences throughout abnormal evolution is also accelerated and led to by inner strategies of pranayama, or life-force management, that energize the delicate spinal facilities (chakras) and render them receptive to religious currents.

The rishis developed a method of revolving the life pressure (the supply of bodily power within the physique) upward and downward inside the six spinal facilities, thus straight quickening the evolution of the backbone and mind facilities.

Swami Kriyananda, explains this complete mechanism as an act of karmic purification. The mind and backbone are lastly “pure of dross,” and of their pure purity they can take us to God. The chakras at that time turn into true temples of Spirit, containing His bliss.

Angel Veritas sums all of it up for us:

In different phrases, what stays after many Kriya pranayamas, are the pure, primordial, shining backbone and mind, known as ‘the altar of God’ by Yogananda. They’re, at that time, extremely delicate, prepared to understand the ‘loftiest elements of divinity’. The yogi unites his thoughts with superconscious forces within the spinal shrines, thus he lives on this world as God hath deliberate, not impelled by impulses from the previous nor by new witlessnesses of contemporary human motivations. Such a yogi receives success of his Supreme Need, protected within the closing haven of inexhaustibly blissful Spirit.

Your mind with these phrases after numerous lamentations all through the years, lastly feels and is aware of that it has been redeemed! Now you can say this to your mind:

Pricey Mind: You’re actually superior, actually wonderful, actually divine.

Angel Veritas makes a  closing spectacular level regarding your heavenly mind that you could be examine in Yogananda’s e-book The Journey to Self-Realization, within the chapter “Probing the Core of Nervousness.” Yogananda explains:

The development of the mind has a correspondence with the one or religious eye in man. The religious eye accommodates three colours: gold, blue, white.

The grey matter in your mind (the floor) is, as he explains, stuffed with the blue gentle of the religious eye, which means of Christ Consciousness; and the white matter of your mind (the within) is filled with the white gentle of the religious eye, which means of Cosmic Consciousness.

Yogananda explains that “the thousand-petaled lotus of life power is white and is the seat and origin of all colours.” Which may be why he calls the sahasrara chakra white lotus.

Angel Veritas leaves you smiling and offers us a pop quiz: The place then, is the golden coloration in your mind that holds the AUM vibration, or Holy Spirit? Are you able to guess?

Allow us to all make peace with our brains. The mind could also be an unceasing chatterbox throughout meditation but when and after we go deeper, it’s in fact a sacred, cosmic, and divine vessel.

-Tyagi Jayadev



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