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Chinmaya Mudra: Advantages, That means, and Steps to Do it

chinmaya mudra finger position

The Sanskrit phrase Chinmaya means supreme consciousness, full of data or pure knowledge and mudra means ‘gesture’; usually we type with our arms in yoga observe.

On this article, we’ll see the advantages of Chinmaya mudra and how you can use it in pranayama successfully.

Chinmaya Mudra That means

Chinmaya mudra is a hand mudra of yoga with the thumb and the index finger. In English translation, Chinmaya mudra means “Gesture of Consciousness” because it brings our outward flowing consciousness again to the physique.

By this mudra, the physique turns into extra conscious of respiration and with breath consciousness, prana vitality flows easily within the physique. It helps to clear the psychological chaos and thereby the bodily physique to stay in stability. It additionally helps construct self-confidence and belief in your self and the world round you.

Spiritually, chinmaya mudra helps us perceive our life priorities by enhancing inner consciousness. It prompts us to grasp the premise of our fears, nervousness, and losses. By this consciousness, you may quieten the thoughts from many worries and goal your ideas to what’s necessary.

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Use and significance of chinmaya mudra

Chinmaya mudra observe is finished by curling the three fingers (center finger, ring finger and little finger) inwards to the palm whereas the information of the index and thumb are in touch. Then, arms with this mudra are positioned on the knees in both palm going through upwards or downwards.

The place of the hand in Chinmaya mudra is such that the respective components of the 5 fingers come collectively. That’s, on this mudra all the 5 components of the physique are joined collectively. Extra particularly, it unites particular person consciousness and common consciousness by becoming a member of the index finger and thumb. It balances the hearth and air component.

Totally different components and representations related to 5 fingers are;

The union of all 5 fingers ensures the inward circulation of consciousness; Our consciousness which is often dissipated into the surface world by way of varied means begins flowing inwardly to the physique with chinmaya mudra.

The observe of chinmaya mudra is principally completed with pranayamas like kapalbhati and ujjayi to maintain the physique in a balanced state whereas regulating the breath. It’s additionally utilized in om chanting.

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Advantages of Chinmaya Mudra

Chinmaya mudra is among the highly effective hand mudras for bodily and psychological well being as a result of it helps attain a sure degree of consciousness. It promotes the sleek circulation of respiration which helps the physique to stay in stability throughout pranayama and meditation. This mudra is sweet to alleviate stress and nervousness, inducing sleep, and enhancing reminiscence.

Within the beneath factors, now we have described the principle advantages of chinmaya mudra;

  • Helps achieve consciousness. Chinmaya Mudra helps in clearing the thoughts and a circulation of consciousness by way of the contact of the thumb and index finger. It aids in constructing our reference to the supreme soul.
  • Opens blockages of thoracic area. Chinmaya mudra promotes respiration within the center chest, again, and lobs of the lungs which regulate the vitality of throat chakra.
  • Prevents reminiscence loss. Common observe of chinmaya mudra boosts the circulation of prana vitality in direction of the mind which relaxes the mind and enhances the functioning of the nerves of the mind.
  • Improves digestive operate. When the circulation of prana vitality improves, it additionally positively impacts the functioning of the digestive system by rising the speed of metabolism.
  • Alleviates stress and nervousness. Chinmaya mudra aids find the foundation explanation for issues inside us as an alternative of wanting outwards. This inner consciousness is among the primary causes of decreased nervousness and stress ranges.
  • Cures insomnia and improves the standard of sleep. The observe of chinmaya mudra doesn’t let our consciousness be scattered to the outer world. It calms the thoughts by decreasing stress and encourages wanting inwards which is nice for inducing sleep.
  • Promotes humbleness and grounding. Chinmaya mudra provides knowledge and information which removes all sense of ego and pleasure. It makes you give up to the divine that retains you humble and grounded.

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Steps to carry out Chinmaya Mudra

chinmaya mudra steps

Practising Chinmaya mudra early within the morning will likely be extraordinarily useful as it’s the finest time for meditative practices. The serene setting earlier than daybreak will immediate you to look deeply inwards and self-reflect. Nevertheless, it may also be within the night time.

You can even chant a bija mantra to go with and improve the facility of this mudra.

Similar to different yoga mudras, observe chinmaya mudra for 45 minutes at a stretch or divide it into 3 classes of 10-Quarter-hour every all through the day.

Allow us to see chinmaya mudra steps:

  • Sit in a snug meditative pose equivalent to Padmasana (lotus pose), Shukhasana (straightforward pose), or Vajrasana (thunderbolt pose), protecting the backbone straight. Sit on a chair in case you may’t sit on the ground.
  • Shut your eyes and curl your fingers of each arms right into a fist. Place your fists in your knees, palms going through up.
  • Carry out the index and thumb and be part of them on the ideas. Let the remaining fingers keep of their place.
  • Preserve arms on this mudra for the whole thing of the meditation. You might also chant OM or an affirmation to boost the results of the mudra.
  • When completed as a standalone observe, do that mudra for at the very least 10 minutes.
  • As soon as accomplished, detach your index and thumb and uncurl the remainder of your fingers.
  • Preserve sitting within the meditative place for some minutes to assimilate the after-effects of the meditation session.

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Chinmaya mudra sounds just like chin mudra. There’s a big distinction between the 2 by way of their finger formation in addition to their objective.

Each chinmaya mudra and Chin mudra are practised by becoming a member of the tip of the index and thumb. Nevertheless, in chinmaya mudra, the remaining fingers are curled inwards, right into a fist. whereas, in chin mudra, the remaining fingers are saved stretched and straight.

Secondly, chinmaya mudra focuses on inner consciousness whereas chin mudra is for producing self-consciousness.

To distinguish, consciousness means to have the information of the existence of one thing. It isn’t needed that you might have a full understanding or information of the topic. However when you’ve an entire in-depth understanding of the topic, you aren’t solely absolutely conscious of it but additionally develop consciousness. Because of this consciousness is a prerequisite for consciousness.


Being conscious of oneself is among the stepping stones on the trail of spirituality. It’s a method of accomplishing and enhancing knowledge and common information, that helps with eradicating ego. The humbleness and self-awareness you attain with chinmaya mudra will help in bringing your nearer to the common reality and attending to know your true self.



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