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Discover 5 Conventional Usui Reiki Meditations & Strategies from Japan

Usui Reiki presents highly effective meditations, cleaning methods, and instruments to create a system of self-healing. Whereas some lineages have moved away from the normal give attention to meditation, to hands-on-healing, some emphasize the significance of the long-established teachings. In in the present day’s submit I’m sharing 5 methods and meditations that honor the traditions of Japanese Usui Reiki. Some are useful in directing power, whereas others assist to grow to be delicate to lifeforce, and purify the thoughts. Every of those Usui Reiki meditations and methods will be practiced by itself, or as part of your hands-on-healing routine. 

Joshin Kokyu Ho

Joshin Kokyu Ho is a foundational meditation follow within the custom of Reiki. This follow builds the Hara, improves focus and clears the power area. 

How you can Follow Joshin Kokyu Ho

  1. Discover a comfy seated place and lengthen your backbone. Deliver the palms to the touch in Gassho. Set any intentions that you might have for the follow.
  2. Permit the palms to relaxation in your mid-thighs. Let the middle of the chest open ever so barely.
  3. On the inhale, observe the breath because it travels via the nostril, chest, and to the Hara (beneath the stomach button). 
  4. Maintain the breath for a second as you observe your physique, thoughts, and power area.
  5. On the exhale, let the lifeforce in your Hara broaden to your whole physique. Let it radiate past your self and out into your environment. With constant follow, you might really feel comfy increasing out to your complete Universe.

Follow this meditation for about quarter-hour. This meditation can enhance the circulate of breath, and Reiki within the physique and thoughts. It may reduce the consequences of stress, and aid you floor your power area. 

For those who’re keen on studying Joshin Kokyu Ho, entry my free guided Reiki meditation at Empower the Reiki Healer Problem.

Seishin Toitsu

This conventional Usui Reiki therapeutic follow is used to unify the thoughts with intention, so you possibly can join with Reiki. Seishin means “spirit, thoughts, soul, or intention”. Toitsu means “to unite”. This visualization follow additionally builds the Hara, however helps improve our sensitivity to Reiki. 

How you can Follow Seishin Toitsu

  1. Sit comfortably, along with your backbone lengthened. Deliver the palms to the touch on the coronary heart’s heart.
  2. On the inhale, visualize white gentle touring from the arms, via the arms, coronary heart, and right down to the Hara. 
  3. On the exhale, visualize white gentle touring again up from the Hara, and out the center to the arms.
  4. Proceed training for a minimum of 10 minutes. Visualize your meridians clearing with every breath. 
  5. On the finish, give thanks and gently launch your meditation.

It’s possible you’ll discover your palms grow to be heat, transfer involuntarily, or tingle. You might also really feel spaciousness in your physique and thoughts. The sensations can differ drastically from one practitioner to a different so enable your self to witness your experiences with out judgement. Be at liberty to remark down beneath along with your insights should you do strive any of those meditations. 

Kenyoku Ho (Dry Bathing Method)

Dry Bathing is a fast routine that you could follow initially of your Usui Reiki meditation or hands-on-healing follow. It’s practiced to cleanse the physique, thoughts and spirit. We follow Kenyoku Ho with the intention to clear something that’s stopping us from being an open and receptive channel for Reiki. It may also be used to floor and disconnect from individuals, and conditions which might be taking you out of the current second.

How you can Follow Kenyoku Ho (Dry Bathing)

  1. Gassho – Deliver the palms to the touch in entrance of the center’s heart. Maintain the intention to clear something that stops you from being a transparent and open channel for Reiki.
  2. Breathe in. As you exhale, sweep diagonally down from the left shoulder to proper hip.
  3. Breathe in. As you exhale, sweep down diagonally from proper shoulder to left hip.
  4. Breathe in. As you exhale, sweep diagonally down from left shoulder to proper hip.
  5. Breathe in. On the exhale, sweep down the left arm along with your proper hand.
  6. Breathe in. On the exhale, sweep down the proper arm along with your left hand.
  7. Breathe in. On the exhale, sweep down the left arm along with your proper hand.
  8. Gassho – Deliver your palms to the touch on the coronary heart’s heart to acknowledge your follow. Domesticate gratitude for your self and your follow.

For an illustrated information to performing Kenyoku Ho and 5 guided reiki meditations for learners, be part of the free Empower the Reiki Healer Problem.

Byosen Scan

Your hands-on-healing follow will be successfully guided, by scanning the aura or performing a Byosen Scan. Byosen actually means “sick lump” and refers back to the buildup of bodily, psychological, emotional or energetic toxins that may accumulate in an space. 

How you can Follow Byosen Scanning

  1. Along with your palm, “comb” over your individual or a consumer’s aura, with the intention to determine areas that want therapeutic
  2. It’s possible you’ll really feel sensations equivalent to heat, coolness, tingling, or throbbing in your arms
  3. The areas wherein you are feeling heat, coolness, tingling or throbbing, are more likely to be areas of disharmony. Take these sensations as indicators to remain in that space and proceed providing hands-on-healing, till the sensations grow to be much less pronounced. 
  4. It’s possible you’ll talk along with your guides and ask, “What power is saved right here? What’s shifting in my thoughts, physique and spirit? How can I assist this space?”
  5. Scan the physique a number of instances to repeat this course of

The Byosen Scanning method must be practiced usually on your self and others that will help you develop sensitivity. With follow and time, you’ll start to grasp the place Reiki is required, the place the basis of a difficulty is, and the place a recipient is holding toxins. 

Notice: Byosen Scans in Reiki should not meant to diagnose well being circumstances. Once you really feel an space of dense power, you possibly can share that remark with the recipient however watch out to not affiliate it with any well being points. 

Nentatsu Ho

This Japanese Usui Reiki meditation permits us to reprogram ideas and patterns. “Nen” interprets as thought. “Tatsu” interprets as to achieve, attain, or notify. “Ho” means technique. You should utilize this therapeutic meditation to attach with the unconscious and launch habits and beliefs that aren’t serving you. 

How you can Follow Nentatsu Ho

  1. Sit up in a meditative posture or lie down comfortably. 
  2. Place one hand on the brow and one hand on the bottom of the cranium (the place the neck meets the top). 
  3. Call to mind a thought or intention that you simply wish to solidify. For instance, “I’m protected.” or “I honor the love in me”. Maintain your assertion within the current tense, and optimistic. Chorus from utilizing the phrases “no or not”. 
  4. Welcome Reiki power to circulate into your physique and thoughts, as you imprint this new thought into your consciousness.
  5. Repeat your new perception for about 5 minutes, whereas sharing Reiki. 

These conventional Usui Reiki meditations and methods are sometimes taught in Reiki Degree 1 coaching, however whether or not you’re a newbie, or have been training Reiki for years, it’s useful to come back again to the foundational practices. They assist us in sustaining energetic hygiene, constructing the Hara, and balancing the thoughts. Different parts of your Reiki follow such because the Precepts, mindfulness, attunements, and hands-on-healing could also be simpler to follow as you develop a gentle meditation follow. 

Which of those meditations are part of your every day self-healing follow? Do you follow a meditation or a method that I didn’t point out? Depart a remark beneath so we will chat!



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