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I’m very athletic and exercise plus play many sports activities. I’m uncut. I’ve been having a considerable amount of white pungent junk (smegma) on my penis. I wash my penis nicely. It’s embarrassing within the locker room and when intimate! How do I hold from getting it?

Thanks on your query. Many individuals have questions on their uncircumcised penis. It’s nice that you’re taking good care of the pores and skin in your penis. Usually, we advocate gently retracting your foreskin while you bathe, and cleansing your penis with delicate cleaning soap and heat water. This helps forestall smegma.

We additionally advocate utilizing solely light lubricants in your penis. Some lubricants and moisturizers could cause irritation which will trigger smegma.

Lastly, there’s an opportunity this isn’t smegma. Anybody with a penis can get an an infection brought on by Candida (a kind of fungus). This may trigger suppose, white discharge. Your threat for Candida can improve if you’re uncircumcised or an athlete (sweat could cause moisture that helps the Candida develop). The excellent news is that Candida will be handled with a medicine prescribed by a healthcare supplier.

In case you are frequently cleansing your penis and never utilizing any irritating merchandise in your penis, we advocate seeing your well being care supplier to verify for Candida.



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