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Add fresh fruit to your Iaso Detox Tea

Try adding blueberries, cranberries, strawberries, pineapple, fresh ginger, lemon, lime, or any fruit you desire to infuse with your detox tea. (^_^)


CBD Detox Tea

This tea is excellent for cleansing your system, but can also help you lose up to 5 pounds in 5 days. Order samples from my store here, or order a month's supply, visit my website at and order the Nutraburst Liquid Multi - Vitamin with it to put the good stuff your body needs after detoxing your system.  

We offers a 30 money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your product. Simply return the unused product (unopened and untampered)!  No refunds given on samples or on products that were opened.(^_^)

After being on an oxygen machine, this amazing woman lost all of this weight using our products!

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Great health starts with you changing your mind!

CBD is an industry that is growing very quickly and in the next few years, it is going to explode.  Your body is equipped with an endocanabinoid system, in short, CBD.  When you ingest CBD, the longer you use it, the better you are going to feel in a natural way.  The CBD industry is going to explode and generate multi-billions if not, trillions of dollars in the next few short years.  Total Life Changes is the only company that sells Detox tea infused with CBD.  Why not try ordering some of my samples in my store section today and if you are pleased with the results, then visit my Total life changes page and order the month supply.  If you decide to detox for a lengthy period of time, compliment it with our Nutraburst liquid muti-vitamin to put the good things your body needs after cleansing your body in a gentle way.  After trying my samples, place your montly supply order by visiting my website there at:

If you like the results of our products and decide you want to help change lives and go into business for yourself at a low start up cost, then email me with a good contact number and email and I will reach back out to you to help you in your new opportunity!

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Have you heard about the new CBD movement, where you can lose up to 5 pounds in 5 days and infuse your system with what your body needs so you can feel better in a natural, herbal way?  Why not try one of our kits today?  Try our Iaso instant Detox tea, or the CBD infused Detox tea, alongside our Nutraburst, liquid multi-vitamin!  And while you are shopping, why not order yourself our NRG natural energy pills which give you natural energy without the crash and burn like those popular energy drinks, which I like to call "a heart attack waiting to happen" You will lose 300 calories per NRG pill and will feel natural energy and no jitters.  

Samples you can Feel!

Can you fail a drug test with our CBD products?

NRG a Natural Pick Me Up!


Our Lemon and Hemp infused Iaso Detox tea is a great product to incorporate into your regime alongside our Nutraburst multi-liquid vitamin.  Total Life Changes is the only company that sells hemp infused detox tea.  

Follow  me on Facebook: Saira's CBD and Energy.  Why not also give the gift of good health this holiday season?  Bless someone with a stocking stuffer with some samples from my store, or order them a month supply from my website at  Most people desire to start out the new year with wanting to shed some pounds, especially after indulging in so much good eating.  Our products will help you naturally shed some pounds and detoxify your system by giving you a gentle cleanse to start the new year fresh and healthy!

NRG a Natural Pick Me Up!

Can you fail a drug test with our CBD products?

NRG a Natural Pick Me Up!


Try our NRG pills for natural energy.  Unlike most energy drinks, these pills are not loaded with sugar and unnatural additives.  Each capsule burns 300 calories, enhances energy, burns fat, and reduces hunger without the jitters or sudden energy burnout.  These amazing energy (NRG) pills includes Advantra Z, an all-natural ingredient intended to work as a high-efficiency thermogenic fat burner and green tea extracts which help prevent the body from converting calories into fat. You will feel a boost in energy & attitude, a decrease in appetite, improved mental clarity & memory, and speedy weight loss.

Can you fail a drug test with our CBD products?

Can you fail a drug test with our CBD products?

Can you fail a drug test with our CBD products?


Many people have a concern as to whether they will fail a drug test when ingesting or smoking CBD.  Our products are highly tested for the purest and highest quality, and you will not fail a drug test using our products which have a maximum of .03% of thc, which is too low an amount to fail a drug test.  I use CBD daily and I am in the trucking industry and have passed several drug tests!  Be careful who you buy your CBD from, stick with what works, and that would be us! Try our Harmony Drops (cbd oil), our Alleviate cream for aches and pains.  Alleviate cream is also good for after your workout regimes.  We sell a kit with the CBD detox tea, the Harmony CBD oil drops, and the Alleviate cream, or buy them indiv