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Shunya Mudra: Advantages (Ear Issues, Tinnitus) and Steps to Do It

shunya mudra finger arrangement

Do you ever really feel sluggish or out of your senses? Are you experiencing extreme numbing or tingling in some components of your physique?

In case you are combating thyroid issues, throat Points, gum ailments, ear issues, or numbness of physique components, then based on yogic science, it might be due to aggravated house ingredient in your physique.

Shunya mudra is a therapeutic hasta (hand) yoga mudra that may be very useful in curing issues that come up as a consequence of aggravated house (or ether) ingredient within the physique.

On this article, we are going to look into the advantages of shunya mudra, observe it and when it shouldn’t be completed.

What’s Shunya Mudra?

The Sanskrit phrase Shunya, which suggests “void,” “vacancy,” or “spaciousness,” is the place the identify Shunya mudra originates.

Shunya mudra is a tattva mudra (ingredient’s mudra) made to reduce the house ingredient (akasha) impact within the physique and known as “Gesture of Vacancy”. Since this mudra focuses on limiting house ingredient, which is expanded all through all the physique from each cell to muscle, it is vitally useful within the remedy of many well being circumstances.

Bodily, shunya mudra can present aid from most ear illnesses, stop coronary heart ailments, enhance the sense of stability, and different issues that are triggered as a consequence of an imbalance in ether ingredient. Some frequent well being circumstances by which shunya mudra is useful are;

  • Ear issues comparable to listening to loss or tinnitus
  • Throat issues, enlarged thyroid
  • Movement illness
  • Numbness in several physique components

Shunya mudra is carried out with the center finger and thumb. To type shunya mudra, you’ll want to curl your center finger for its tip to the touch the bottom of the thumb. The thumb is then positioned over the bent finger giving a slight stress. Preserve the remainder three fingers straight. Then place the again of the hand (with mudra) on the knees in any sitting posture.

Mudra for ear issues and tinnitus

For many ear-related issues, the house ingredient or Akash tattva (which is represented by the center finger) is accountable in our physique. The Akash tattva is current all through all the physique within the type empty house. Manifestation of Akash tatva in our body- Vacuums of throat, nostrils & ears, hair follicles, vacuums of veins and arteries, gaps in marrow and so on.

Akash mudra and shunya mudra are two most important mudras which affect the working of house ingredient, subsequently shall be useful in ear issues like Tinnitus, ear buzzing, listening to loss, and so on.

One ought to first know what’s the explanation for their ear issues; is it the elevated house ingredient or lack of house ingredient within the physique? If ear issues are arising as a result of improve of house ingredient then do shunya mudra and if issues are arising as a consequence of lack of house ingredient then do Akash mudra.

When there is a rise in house ingredient; it feels just like the stress is appearing on eardrums from inside or ears begin oozing – it signifies your ear issues are due to extra Akash tatva within the physique. On this case, for those who’re having Tinnitus, ear buzzing, listening to loss, and so on. issues, do shunya mudra.

One ought to cease doing shunya mudra for tinnitus if even after some days of observe the issue is constant or ear ringing is ever rising. It’s as a result of may be your ear ringing is going on due to the dearth of Akash tatva within the physique and within the case of low Akash tatva, one needs to be doing Akash mudra, not shunya mudra.

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Advantages of Shunya Mudra

Shunya mudra aka Aakash shamak mudra is a therapeutic in addition to a religious hand mudra. Listed here are some most important advantages of this mudra.

  • Aid from Ear-Associated Issues. Since extra house ingredient within the physique is especially liable for listening to points, Shunya mudra (which suppresses house ingredient) can relieve ear-related issues comparable to earache, tinnitus (ringing or buzzing noise within the ears), and deafness.
  • Prevents Movement illness. Movement illness is triggered when our thoughts can not distinguish sensory alerts over mind alerts. It’s typically triggered as a consequence of irritation within the interior ear and can lead to dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, or vertigo. Practising shunya mudra immediately impacts and stimulates the nerves close to interior ear, stopping stability issues.
  • Cures Numbness. Numbness is triggered once you lose partial or full sense of sensation in sure components of your physique. It occurs when there’s extreme presence of house ingredient in our cells or veins. Shunya mudra will lower this further house ingredient and provides aid from numbness or tingling.
  • Prevents Coronary heart Illness. Inserting the center finger on the base of the thumb additionally acts as an acupressure level for Atrium – chamber by way of which blood enters the center. Therefore, shunya mudra can also aid from a variety of coronary heart ailments comparable to Atrial fibrillation (strokes), ASD (Atrial Septal Defect), blood stress, and different coronary heart issues.
  • Non secular advantages – Makes In a position to Hear Anahata Sounds. Anahata is the mystic sound and sounds of nature, typically heard by yogis initially of their meditation. You would possibly have the ability to hear these sounds once you do shunya mudra with meditation. This additionally signifies that the Nadis or astral currents are getting pure.
  • Helps activate the Coronary heart chakra. The finger formation of shunya mudra promotes a clean circulate of prana in the direction of the coronary heart chakra. It opens up the center centre.

carry out Shunya Mudra

shunya mudra steps

For the reason that shunya mudra could be carried out with a full stomach, therefore, you may carry out it at any hour of the day. Do it each day for 10-Quarter-hour 3 instances a day retaining the issue, illness, or ailment you need to remedy in thoughts. Nonetheless, as quickly as you get aid from the issue, lower the depth of observe as decreased house ingredient may result in important negative effects within the physique.

It’s suggested to do shunya mudra with meditation for higher outcomes. Get a silent place in your house and sit for meditation there.

  • Sit comfortably in a meditative asana comparable to Padmasana (lotus place), Vajrasana (thunderbolt pose), Shukhasana (straightforward pose). Preserve your again straight and sit up for aligning your head with the backbone.
  • Shut your eyes and take deep breaths to generate consciousness inside. Place your palms in your knees or mid-thigh with palms up.
  • Fold the center finger of each palms and contact them to the bottom of the thumb. Gently press the second phalanx (center bone of a finger) of center finger with the thumb.
  • Depart the remaining fingers prolonged however relaxed.
  • Keep on this mudra for 10-Quarter-hour.
  • As soon as you’re completed, detach your fingers and place them in your knees or mid-thigh.
  • Sit in silence for a few minutes to bask within the after-effects of the meditation.

Shunya mudra relationship with physique components and doshas

Every finger of our hand represents considered one of 5 components or Panch Tatva of the human physique.

In shunya mudra, putting the thumb over the center finger signifies decreasing the house ingredient in our physique. That is the explanation Shunya Mudra is also called the Akash Shamak Mudra (akash means ether/house or sky and shamak means extinguisher or ‘one which reduces’).

By channelling the physique’s hearth ingredient (Agni tattva), practising Shunya Mudra persistently helps to scale back the abnormalities in our our bodies introduced on by the sky components.

Shunya can alternatively be interpreted as “heaven mudra” if it refers back to the sky or heaven as the center finger can also be consultant of heaven. Some historical texts additionally point out that the observe of this mudra can assist the practitioner to entry the heavenly realm or hear the sounds of heaven.

Within the Ayurvedic context, Shunya mudra immediately works on aggravated vata dosha as ether ingredient is considered one of vata dosha constituents. This helps in correcting and bettering the elimination system of our physique, thus bettering the detoxing course of.

Furthermore, the rise of house ingredient doesn’t let the opposite 4 components (air, water, earth, hearth) throughout the physique improve (consider it as if all house throughout the physique is occupied with Akash tattva). This results in bi-dosha and tri-dosha Prakriti.

Shunya mudra decreases the house ingredient and permits different components to enter the physique. Thus it helps to remedy bi-dosha and tri-dosha Prakriti.

Thus Shunya mudra is useful to remedy Ayurvedic Doshas.

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Shunya mudra is really useful to make use of solely when you’re going by way of some well being circumstances that may be cured with this mudra. It’s a short-term use mudra, when you obtain your required consequence, its observe needs to be stopped.

For instance, when you’re doing shunya mudra for acute conditions comparable to your tinnitus, as soon as after ear ringing will get stopped, discontinue this mudra observe. Whereas doing shunya mudra, don’t press the thumb exhausting over the center finger in any other case you will be unable to focus on mudra. In case you are feeling very weak, you shouldn’t carry out Shunya mudra.


Practising the shunya mudra may also help you stability the house ingredient, which is of nice assist to individuals with vata dosha. furthermore, your sense of listening to will even enhance whereas stopping the onset of varied ear illnesses and issues. It’s an effective way to maintain all of your doshas in equilibrium as the three doshas come up out of house.



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