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The Science Behind Crystal Chakra Therapeutic

Let’s soar in and speak about crystal chakra therapeutic and balancing.

Crystal chakra therapeutic is a strong manner you can work along with your crystals. It’s very easy and has a number of advantages.

Observe: there’s a lot to share with you on this matter! So, I’ll be scripting this as a 3 half collection. 🙂

On this weblog, I’ll break the How and Why with some science thrown in! Let’s go!

The Science behind Crystal Chakra Therapeutic

We’re going to speak in regards to the seven major chakras. Though we now have extra chakras than the seven major ones, these are probably the most well-known. The seven major chakras are the main portals or vitality hubs on our physique and embody the:

  1. Root
  2. Sacral
  3. Photo voltaic Plexus
  4. Coronary heart
  5. Throat
  6. Third Eye
  7. Crown 
crystal chakra healing

Distance chakra therapeutic is a element of my Crystal Practitioner Course.

Every chakra has a corresponding shade related to it. Beginning on the Root chakra straight as much as the Crown chakra, the colours are very easy to memorize as a result of they comply with the colour of the rainbow, which at all times follows the identical order:

  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Inexperienced
  • Blue
  • Indigo
  • Violet

Bear in mind from college? ROY G BIV?

I can’t resist …

As I discussed, that’s the identical shade sequence the chakras comply with. And it’s no coincidence that they’re in the identical sequence. It’s simply science. 😉

Amongst different correspondences, every chakra can also be linked with a particular physique half, particular physique operate & sure feelings.

Vibrational Frequency

One ebook I extremely advocate you get to be taught extra about that is: Vibrational Therapeutic By means of the Chakras: With Gentle, Coloration, Sound, Crystals, and Aromatherapy by Pleasure Gardner

Every chakra has a particular vibrational frequency.

See colours, or extra particularly “mild” in varied frequencies that we are able to see with our eyes, is only a tiny a part of the electromagnetic spectrum (EM spectrum).

The colours (mild frequencies) organize themselves so as of lowering vibrational wavelengths. Of those particular mild frequencies, purple is the longer wavelength (decrease frequency), and violet is the shortest wavelength (larger frequency). Persist with me right here. 😉

Electromagnetic-Spectrum.svg | Crystal Chakra Healing

Every part on the EM spectrum is a sort of sunshine. Just a bit smidge of the spectrum is the seen mild that we are able to see with our eyes. The chakras embody all these colours that we are able to see. Every one has a really particular vibrational frequency.

In abstract, every chakra has a particular vibrational frequency and a shade that it expresses itself as.

These particular frequencies are aligned to sure identified energies. And this permits us to deal with one side at a time. As an illustration, if we wish to zero in on anxiousness and worry, we are able to focus our consideration on the Root chakra and enhance it effectively by simply specializing in that one explicit chakra.

I’ve discovered chakra work to be very environment friendly and extremely efficient for clearing out all types of energetic imbalances.

Through the years, I’ve heard this kind of factor stated said repeatedly:

“I’ve been going to remedy for a very long time; going to see a therapist, a psychiatrist, and many others. to work on my worry and anxiousness points.”

Carry on trucking! Remedy is a strong therapeutic useful resource for a lot of. However, I’ll add — engaged on balancing your chakras and balancing and clearing your charkas can also be highly effective work and may have an amazing constructive impression.

It’s been proven that if somebody has been engaged on a particular subject for a very long time, as soon as that particular person addresses the related chakra and particularly works on clearing and balancing that chakra, in most situations, the problem clears itself up a lot faster. For many, there are higher outcomes by incorporating chakra work (crystal chakra therapeutic alone or along with remedy). In fact, this received’t be the case for everybody each time.

crystal chakra healing

Laying on of stones to revive and steadiness chakras with crystal vitality

Extra Science and Chakras?

As a former science instructor and division chair, I can’t assist however educate extra physics right here— it’s the spine of my crystal teachings! In my Licensed Crystal Practitioner Course, I educate all in regards to the precept of entrainment when working with the chakras.

Entrainment is a physics precept that mainly says that vitality of a better amplitude will dominate and affect an analogous frequency of decrease amplitude.

For actual! That is usually demonstrated utilizing tuning forks. When the tuning forks are tuned to the identical frequency, if I have been to ring one with a number of vitality (excessive amplitude) after which ring a second simply gently (with a bit little bit of amplitude), the upper amplitude will dominate and affect the decrease amplitude tuning fork. Due to this fact, the second tuning fork will get louder and lift its vitality (turn out to be larger amplitude) as a result of the upper amplitude will dominate the decrease amplitude.

Why do I even carry this up?

As a result of we people can even entrain with the upper amplitude vitality.

If there’s a related frequency that comes into our surroundings and occurs to be of upper amplitude, it’s going to lift us to match its frequency… till we turn out to be a vibrational match.

Now… it is a massive foundational brick of my teachings.

And also you guessed it! A crystal can affect our energetic discipline and lift our vibration.

A crystal is at all times going to be a better amplitude frequency as a result of it has a extra steady frequency in its inherent molecular construction.

Say What?

The crystal’s unwavering steady frequency is as a result of the crystal has a really exact atomic construction.

Sodium chloride molecule | Crystal Chakra Healing

Sodium chloride molecule (salt crystal)…take a look at that exact crystal construction!

That’s what makes a crystal a crystal.

A crystal has a exact geometric sample in its molecular blueprint.

Though we’re human and we’re fabricated from some crystals, we aren’t fully crystalline. So, we aren’t as geometrically good as a crystal.

Not even shut.

Crystals are going to be in a better amplitude vitality discipline than us because of their geometric perfection.

We’re going to entrain with the amplitude of their larger vitality when related frequencies are current.

OK! Let’s get again to the Crystal Chakra Therapeutic

So, when you have a chakra that’s out of steadiness. For instance, let’s say my Third Eye is totally whacked out, (only for instance functions, let’s say this.) 😉🧿

To assist carry it again into steadiness, I can take a pleasant Amethyst pure level and place that on my Third Eye.

crystal chakra healing

The Amethyst has a vibrational frequency just like my Third Eye, however its larger amplitude vitality and frequency are extra steady due to its crystalline construction.

Due to this fact, the Amethyst crystal goes to stabilize my Third Eye chakra vibrationally.

My Third Eye goes to entrain with that related frequency. It’s going to maneuver into resonance with the same but extra exact and better amplitude vibration of the Amethyst crystal.

Crystals have larger amplitude because of that geometric perfection… because of that, they’ll filter out and steadiness our chakras, making them extra steady, entraining them with their larger amplitude vitality. This successfully adjustments the emotional and biochemical state of that chakra to the right frequencies and likewise helps to keep up stability.

Coloration and Crystal Chakra Therapeutic

Every chakra will entrain with the precise vibrational frequency of its shade. As an illustration, the Third Eye chakra’s shade is indigo, so it entrains with indigo.

That is definitely not the one chakra balancing technique, nevertheless it’s an easy one; merely select a crystal inside the identical shade household because the chakra you’d wish to steadiness. So for the Third Eye, indigo-colored stones like Lapis Lazuli, Iolite, or Amethyst are nice to work with.

lapis lazuli from Pakistan

Lapis Lazuli from Pakistan

Or for the Coronary heart chakra, Inexperienced Aventurine, Jade, or Inexperienced Tourmaline can be good.

green aventurine

Luscious Inexperienced Aventurine tumbled stones.

Matching up the colour is a fairly good strategy to go.

crystal chakra healing

Some individuals will say…

“You shouldn’t match the colour of the chakra to the stone as a result of no matter shade you’re seeing is definitely the colour that’s being mirrored and never absorbed by the stone. That’s not truly the colour of the stone.”

And my response is,

“Yup. And that’s EXACTLY what I’m in search of, as a result of if that’s the sunshine frequency that’s being mirrored and bounced off, then that’s the colour that’s bathing the setting of the chakra.”

That’s precisely what we would like. Proper? I believe it’s an effective way to do it. To not point out that I’ve affirmation from case examine after case examine, as do my college students.

Coloration works!

Now for our free obtain ⁠— I’ve bought a Photo voltaic Plexus Soda Decide me Up for you! In case you’re trying to enhance up or steadiness your Photo voltaic Plexus chakra, you’ll love this recipe. Simply add your greatest e mail beneath, and the pdf will likely be delivered straight to your inbox.

Signing up for this obtain can even sub you to my bi-weekly publication + my free Sacred Areas eKit.

In order that wraps up the primary a part of this Charka Collection. Examine again quickly, and we’ll be publishing half two.

What do you assume? Do you vibe with the colour technique for balancing chakras? Have you ever tried it on your self or others? C’mon… a minimum of inform me what you considered the Roy G. Biv music/video.

Do you wish to kill me as a result of you could have an earworm now? 😂 Inform me within the feedback.

Crystal Blessings,

Tremendous Crystal Blessings to you,

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