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Use context to turn into your finest self.

The location accurately answered our query (“what’s top-of-the-line meals sources of fibre”) and it stands true by itself (I like spinach by the way in which). However with out contemplating any context we can not merely take that info and begin gulping down tons of spinach like Popeye and suggest it to all our pals. We’ve got to faucet the ‘pause button’ for a second and ask ourselves, “How a lot will that info profit or hurt me?”

In the event you’re in any other case wholesome however a bit low on fibre or iron, spinach will do you wonders. So off you go looking for scrumptious spinach recipes. However should you’re fighting extreme Continual Kidney Illness (CKD) then the large punch of potassium within the spinach may do extra hurt than good. So you’d skip that suggestion for one more one with much less potassium, like pears.

Does this imply spinach is unhealthy? No, by no means. However relying on who’s going to eat it and their well being state of affairs, spinach might be unhealthy.

So it’s straightforward to see from this little instance, the similar meals can produce two fully completely different outcomes – all dependent upon the context. Thus context can make a really large distinction in formulating the following steps you’re taking (eg. to eat or to not eat a bunch of spinach).

Now you can apply this similar course of to the whole lot else in life. Somebody could also be appearing up and upsetting you – however what’s the context of their actions?  It doesn’t make unfavorable behaviour proper, however would you be roughly prone to get upset should you knew they only misplaced their finest pal in a tragic automobile accident? Would that data convey out a bit extra persistence in your response?

This exhibits us that by merely contemplating context in our lives and within the lives of others, it will probably soften our hearts and evoke kindness, understanding, and peace. We simply take the time to acquire it.



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