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Vitality Gels vs. Sports activities Drinks, Similar Freakin’ Factor? – RUNIVORE

Are vitality gels and sports activities drinks the identical factor? The reply will not be actually but in addition form of sure.

They serve the identical objective: replenishing misplaced vitamins, significantly carbohydrates and electrolytes. Placing all the flowery advertising apart, they’re basically sugar water of differing concentrations and ship easy sugars that may be rapidly transformed into glycogen.

An vitality gel delivers carbohydrates in a higlhy concentrated resolution and requires water consumption to help digestion. And a sports activities drink does the identical however in a extra diluted combination and ideally must also hydrate the physique.

As with most subjects concerning sports activities diet, it will depend on the person athlete, and totally different conditions name for various choices. Beneath are my previous studying on fueling with gels and drinks and their professionals and cons to your consideration.



What are vitality gels and their professionals and cons?

Right here’s the easy and traditional definition of an vitality gela carbohydrate-rich, gel-like substance conveniently packaged to replenish misplaced energy and vitamins throughout train.

As quickly because the gel enters your mouth, the enzyme salivary amylase instantly begins to course of the easy sugars. Many of the gel is then swallowed into the digestive tract, the place carbohydrates are damaged all the way down to cross from the small gut to the bloodstream within the type of glucose.

Insulin is triggered and prompts cells to make use of the glucose or retailer it for later. The entire course of is quick. Mouth-to-muscle time often takes 5-Quarter-hour, relying on the athlete.


  • I often really feel vitality surges of assorted magnitude inside 5-8 minutes; for some manufacturers, even quicker. Gels merely work, particularly for shorter and quicker occasions.
  • Compact, mild, and matches effectively in most fuel-carrying gears.
  • Tremendous straightforward to eat when on the transfer, even at greater intensities.


  • Clearly, the style ain’t nice and I’m all the time cautious of the dreaded sweetness fatigue.
  • Sugar spikes and crashes are widespread uncomfortable side effects.
  • Nonetheless have to fret about chasing the gels with fluids to make sure correct digestion and hydration.
  • Unhealthy and never appropriate as every day exercise gas.


What are sports activities drinks and their professionals and cons?

Simply like gels and bars, sports activities drinks are available diverse codecs. Some like Gatorade and Pocari Sweat (a favourite right here in Asia) are completed merchandise in plastic bottles. Others are offered in huge tubs of powder, and it’s a must to combine it your self.

As talked about, sugars are probably the most important elements, and lots of sports activities drinks embody the standard extras – electrolytes, caffeine, amino acids, nutritional vitamins, and many others. – to offer a extra balanced gas than vitality gels.

The absorption course of is much like that of gels described above. One distinction that may be thought of a bonus over gels is sports activities drinks ought to already encompass the correct quantity of water. Due to this fact, no further fluids must be drawn into the abdomen for digestion.




  • I’m a fan of powder mixes, which lets me customise. For instance, I can go together with a extra diluted combination for lengthy and simple efforts that gained’t fully drain my saved carbohydrates.
  • Drinks are extra palatable in contrast with gels, for my part. When you’re like me and don’t prefer it too candy, the flavour is customizable too.
  • I can even keep away from huge spikes and troughs of blood sugar ranges by mixing a much less concentrated resolution. It’s a approach to stop gastrointestinal stress.
  • Refuel vitality + hydrate – killing two birds with one stone.
  • Drink mixes are offered in bulk. I combine my drinks in reusable flasks and bottles, making it an environment-friendly gas choice.


  • For races, sports activities drinks weigh me down. A typical gel is 30g and supplies 20g of carbohydrates and 100 energy. The rule of thumb is each 20-25g of carbohydrates require 250 ml of water to course of. To get the identical quantity of carbohydrates and energy as a packet of vitality gel, it’s a must to deliver 250g of sports activities drink.
  • Typical knowledge states that endurance athletes ought to eat 1g of carbohydrate per kg of physique weight per hour, that means a 60kg athlete ought to absorb 60g of carbohydrates every hour. That’s 750g of sports activities drink, lots of weight.
  • Appropriate for exercises however not race days. Non-elite marathoners and half-marathoners don’t have the posh of inserting water bottles all through the course, so drinks usually are not sensible for us weekend warriors.


My vitality gel and sports activities drink ideas and methods


  • For actions beneath 90 minutes, I’m okay not refueling so long as I had an honest meal earlier than hand.
  • Sports activities drinks is usually a more sensible choice for runners with delicate stomachs. Make a much less concentrated resolution or take small sips at common intervals.
  • For marathons, I strictly go together with vitality gels. When working at laborious marathon effort, a water bottle weighs me down.
  • Have a wide range of gel flavors and types (bear in mind to check them beforehand) to keep away from taste fatigue. I like to save lots of caffeinated ones for in a while within the race.
  • I generally squeeze 1-2 vitality gels into my 500 ml water flasks to make a sports activities drink.
  • For each 20g of carbohydrates, goal to drink round 250 ml of water. That is additionally the broadly accepted ratio for mixing vitality drinks.
  • When utilizing each gels and drinks throughout the identical session, watch out for sugar overload attributable to chasing gels with a carbohydrate-dense drink.
  • Concerning efficiency and effectiveness, they each work superb for me. I choose my gas in accordance with the occasion.

For instance:

If it’s a street race with frequent water stations, I’ll go together with gels and eat one proper earlier than I seize a cup of water to scrub it down. They weigh much less, they’re compact they usually’re straightforward.

If it’s a exercise the place I’m working loops and have a house base to arrange water bottles, I’ll go together with vitality drinks. Run in, take a fast gulp and run out once more. Drinks style higher so I desire it for on a regular basis coaching.

Sports activities drinks will be the higher alternative for ultramarathons, which require a gentle, reasonable tempo. Since I’ve to hold not less than a 12-liter pack/vest with obligatory gears and water flasks for a lot of of those occasions anyhow, weight will not be ta huge concern.



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