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Well being and listening to aids. Phonak Audéo Match™ listening to aids observe well being knowledge

Everyone knows that taking care of your self is crucial. Managing your well being is much more crucial when you already reside with listening to loss. Due to Phonak’s new Audéo Match™ listening to aids, you possibly can handle your listening to loss and well being on the similar time.

Audéo Match™ Listening to Aids

For those who’re the sort to fret about your coronary heart fee or whether or not you’ve exercised sufficient, you’ll love the Audéo Match  listening to aids. You may ditch all of your different wearable tech. Let your listening to aids observe your well being knowledge. Phonak’s Audéo Match is the primary listening to support to trace your coronary heart fee. It can additionally observe:

  • Steps and distance walked or run
  • Basic exercise ranges
  • Non-compulsory aim setting

“Phonak’s Audéo Match is the primary listening to support to trace your coronary heart fee.”

Linked to the myPhonak app in your smartphone, Audéo Match provides essential perception into your each day exercise ranges,permitting you to see patterns and tendencies in your well being. Monitoring this knowledge allows you to take cost of your each day train routine and normal well being. As Phonak says, aollowing your well being knowledge gives “insights that empower you to make life-style modifications to affect your well being.” So that you by no means know, these listening to aids may make you a more healthy individual!

Audéo Match is a Receiver-in-the-Canal (RIC) listening to support. This refers back to the receiver being a part of the dome that matches contained in the ear canal. The listening to support loops over the ear with a skinny wire, like some other BTE (Behind-the-Ear) listening to system. It is available in trendy colours.

Listening to Loss and Well being

Managing your listening to loss helps enhance your normal properly being. The result’s that you’ll undergo much less cognit

ive overload and be much less remoted. Carrying listening to aids may even assist increase your confidence.

For those who reside with listening to loss or tinnitus, likelihood is you’re prone to additional well being issues. These could embody:

  • Alzheimer’s and dementia
  • Despair
  • Coronary heart illness
  • Diabetes
  • Schizophrenia
  • Ear infections
  • Additional listening to loss
  • Tinnitus

Sustaining a wholesome life-style might help cut back the chance of a few of these and enhance your total well being.

Nicely-Listening to is Nicely-Being™

Phonak launched a place assertion within the Listening to Evaluate demonstrating the corporate’s dedication to listening to care and well being care. The Nicely-Listening to is Nicely-BeingTM ethos displays Phonak’s curiosity and understanding that supporting your listening to will assist you work in the direction of higher normal well being. 

Nicely-Listening to is Nicely-Being™ is constructed on three dimensions: Social-Emotional, Cognitive, and Bodily. Dwelling with listening to loss impacts your well being in a number of methods. Changing into extra remoted and having psychological well being issues fall within the Social-Emotional class. Cognitive means experiencing cognitive overload and growing the chance of dementia. The bodily can be exercising much less and growing your danger of diabetes.

Learn extra: Managing listening to loss and psychological well being

Phonak’s Paradise Listening to Support Vary

Regardless of being the brand new child on the town, Audéo Match is becoming a member of Phonak’s product checklist as a part of the corporate’s Paradise vary. Audéo Match, is greater than a health-data-tracking listening to support. You’re nonetheless getting Phonak’s premium listening to support vary, together with all the advantages a Paradise listening to support brings. All Paradise listening to aids embody:

  • Unequalled sound high quality
  • Crisp, pure sound
  • Good speech understanding
  • Common connectivity
  • Hyperlinks to TVLinks, Smartphones, Roger, and so forth
  • Easy accessibility to Bluetooth functionalities by way of Management
  • A number of Bluetooth connections


Mel is a hard-of-hearing author from the UK. She has moderate-severe listening to loss by American definitions and average listening to loss by British measurements. She depends on listening to aids and lipreading. She lives in Wales together with her French Bulldog pet and mischievous tortoiseshell cat. Mel identifies as a demisexual lesbian.



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